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Organising Events on a Budget

Sometimes clients are given budgets that would make it difficult for them to organise a night of bowling and a chicken in a basket meal. It can be very difficult, but here is our advice picked up over the years.

Choose a day earlier in the week

Hotels and venues are always busy with private events at the weekend. In the week the premium days are Thursdays and Fridays, so it is harder to get deals on those days. The earlier in the week you have your event then the easier it is to get a deal from venues and suppliers.

Be creative with the month that you choose

The most busy months for corporate events are September and October. The least busy times are holiday times (except December). August is a great month, but the downside is that many people are away on holiday.

December is a very difficult month to book events in. Co-incidentally it also seems to be the month that people are given challenging budgets in. Venues, particularly those in city centres, often put a minimum spend in place for private hire and it can be very high. Such is the spirit of Christmas!

Many companies delay their Christmas party until January and this seems to work out well. For companies they will pay less for the event as venues are more competitive. For guests it can be popular because there are so many parties around Christmas (we heard someone describe it as 'Party Fatigue') that having one a few weeks into the New Year is welcome and something to look forward to after the main festivities.

Hotel alternatives for overnight events

Did you know that Youth Hostels can be exclusively hired for events for a few hundred pounds? This does not suit everyone, but for some companies it fits their culture and means that there is more budget for activities. The rooms have bunk beds and few are en suite but they have large lounge and eating areas and, exclusively hired, can be a lot of fun. They are also typically in areas of outstanding natural beauty. We can help you to choose a suitable location.

In warmer months camping is an option, and a Murder Mystery around a camp fire is a unique and memorable experience.

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