Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery dinners in London and throughout the UK

If you are looking for an entertaining Murder Mystery event for a corporate or private occasion then we can help. You may already have a venue for your event, but if not we can recommend the best locations within budget. Our plots are fun yet sophisticated and delivered by professional actors. Any time, any place, anywhere - just tell us about your event and we will make it happen.

We travel around the UK and to other countries. London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are regular locations. We have actors based around the country and abroad waiting to hear about your event.

With more than 20 years of experience we have worked for some of the world's largest companies as well as local businesses. Our private murder mystery events can be birthday and hen parties or any fun gathering that needs to be made memorable.

Our Murder Mysteries are very flexible. They typically last for two to three hours and can be over lunch or dinner. We also have a half day outdoor format which does not require a meal called Out And About which takes place around a city or rural location and is ideal for a social or team building event.

Our typical format involves five actors and we can accommodate large groups of several hundred with a larger cast and sound production. We have four and three actor scripts and a one actor event for small groups, so we can meet most budgets.

If you're looking for that special murder mystery dinner party for Halloween we can help and we have several Christmas scripts which make for an engaging party theme.

We have a variety of scripts and they can be specifically tailored to your company and to suit all occasions. Parts can be written for your guests based on their interests which adds fun and makes your murder mystery personal. 

"The murder mystery was a huge success. The group thoroughly enjoyed the activity and it was not corny in the slightest, which can be a worry with these things" - Corporate Client

"I have had excellent feedback from several participants (I don't usually get feedback unless something went wrong...), who said that they had a good laugh and brain cell stretch on the night. There were a couple of people whose English was not fluent, but your actor managed to entertain absolutely everyone. The past few weeks were quite tough for our company and thanks to the detective the dinner was a much more relaxed affair afterwards" - Corporate Client

Murder Mysteries are one of the best forms of corporate team building event. They often act as ice breakers and they give a team something to discuss that is not work related. Our murder mystery cast are very good at judging the mood and pitching the experience at the right level, giving the audience the best experience that suits their mood and energy levels. Murder Mystery events are often the perfect relaxation after a difficult day in the conference room, as this client feedback demonstrates;

"After quite a heavy day looking at graphs, spreadsheets and numbers the team who joined us for the evening were absolutely perfect. All five actors played their roles superbly and conducted the event with professionalism, enthusiasm and finesse. A real credit to you. I am still sure it was the vicar and the cook, but I am not great at a mystery. Please pass on our sincerest thanks to the actors on our behalf – a great night was had by all."

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