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Bespoke Murder Mystery Scripts

We have many years experience of creating bespoke scripts which cover specific scenarios, themes or events. We can write about your industry and we can include parts for your own guests.

This is very flexible, and on some occasions it has been more appropriate to make the crime a kidnapping rather than a murder. The first step is to talk it through so we understand your vision and objectives and we can advise you how we can go about creating an event to suit.

We describe our writing as appropriate. We understand where the lines are and what may be offensive, and we can give you guidance based on extensive experience.

Can The Victim Be One Of Us?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is whether one of your guests can be the victim. It seems that many have someone in mind, which we are sure is because it would be a fun joke rather than them wanting to bump that person off! Unfortunately it tends not to work because once someone has been murdered they cannot be seen alive again, so they would have to miss the main event and dinner.

This can work at a conference, for example if it was an afternoon event rather than a meal. Then at the end of the event the victim can have their 'Lazarus moment'. A kidnapping where teams work to free the hostage is a very effective plot technique.

How Much Does Bespoke Script Writing Cost?

We charge £300 plus VAT per day for writing. Creating a script and about a dozen clues (bank statements, contracts, love letters etc) typically takes a day. If we have to do research, learn about an industry and generally have a more complicated brief it may take two days.

What If You Don't Like The Script?

In the event that you didin't like the script we would be prepared to completely rewrite it. This has not happened in 20 years, although we often make small changes because it's an iterative process and you will often have ideas during the process. The key is in the quality of the brief and we make sure that we get this right. Generally we hear that clients really enjoy the process.

Witness Statements

We provide up to five witness statements on any event where it is wanted. They are great fun and make an event really personal. Often the in jokes they contain get the biggest laugh of the evening. You send over a profile of the chosen guests which includes hobbies, dress sense, phrases they use and so on. We create a page of bespoke script which gives clues to the mystery. They read this when prompted by the detective and it adds a lot of laughter, particularly if you choose people with an inner actor!

Find out what we think makes a good story and how we add depth to characters we are playing for the first time.

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