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About our events

Introduction To Murder Mysteries

Murder mystery events are above all fun - an opportunity to play the detective while immersing yourself in a fascinating plot.

They also provide the ideal scenario for corporate entertainment and team building and appeal to a wider range of people than almost any other activity that can be chosen for the company get together.

Events To Suit All

Those of a less active disposition will not find solving a murder mystery too strenuous physically, a gentle Agatha Christie type mystery can be conducted in a very elegant venue between the courses of an excellent dinner.

A group looking for a much more active murder mystery event might prefer the challenge of finding the clues on a treasure hunt enjoying the fun of running around the murder scene in far less refined fashion.

A themed event is always a popular choice; who wouldn't enjoy meeting James Bond at dinner - or dressing up for a '60s night with a murderous twist?

Plot Lines

Plots are as varied as the surroundings in which they are played out.

We have a selection of plots which have been written to appeal to different audiences; some are more raucous and fun, while others are more sophisticated. We can match the right plot to your audience.

You can also commission a bespoke plot specially written for your event by our specialist crime writers - a team building event with a script written around your own industry or competitors.

The Cast

Professional actors play the parts in the plot and, depending on the theme and plot chosen, costumes can be very extravagant and really add to the atmosphere of the occasion.

Alternatively, for a very different experience, members of your group can choose to play the parts themselves - we can give a few hours training beforehand so things go with a swing.

We will tailor the event to your tastes and requirements - murder mystery is a very versatile genre.

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