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Online Murder Mysteries

This is an old page with a simple murder mystery that ran through our social media feeds. In light of the global lockdown we are now offering Virtual Murder Mysteries using Zoom. Find out more by clicking the link.

The Mystery of Carlton Grange

Case Background
Lord Barrington Thrubb of Carlton Grange has been found dead on the floor of his study. The local Police are in attendance and will release details of the cause of death shortly.

The Suspects
We know for sure that the windows of the study were locked closed from the inside and that the front door of the house had been locked for the night. There is no evidence of a break-in. The suspects are those who were in the house at the time of the murder.

Lady Edith Thrubb, Lord Thrubb's wife.

Bufton, Butler and Lord Thrubb's Personal Assistant.

Mrs Grice, Housekeeper and cook.

Denver Colorado, house guest and business associate of Lord Thrubb.

Hubert Thrubb, Lord Thrubb's nephew.

How To Solve This Murder Mystery
There will be 20 clues in this particular game and each will be delivered through our Twitter feed once or twice a day over the coming week.

The first clue: The Butler's Statement

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