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Where to Hold a Murder Mystery

The quick answer is that we can work anywhere provided that we have private dining, as we can be a disturbance to anyone who is not involved. If you are a group or corporate booking you can book us at a venue of your choice or ask us to recommend venues in any area.

We have old prisons, crypts and even allegedly haunted houses on file. We often work in traditional old pubs which have exactly the right feel. Old libraries and former courtrooms also suit the event. Some of our scripts are more trendy and nightclubs can be hired during the day, which is very appealing to the right crowd. Venues and scripts are chosen to suit the audience, which is really important.

Public Open Murder Mystery Weekends

If you are not booking as a group you can join one of our public open dates.

These events are held in excellent hotels where the staff really make an effort on their Murder Mystery Weekends, occasionally becoming suspects themselves!

Rent Your Own Manor For The Weekend

What could be more fun than renting a manor house for a private party and then surprising your guests with a Murder Mystery?

We work with several companies who have a wide choice of fabulous houses on their books. Dress in Edwardian costumes and create your own country house experience, rivaling Downton Abbey for drama!

Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS


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