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We have access to a large selection of substantial houses in England, Wales and Scotland available for rent for a weekend, a day or a week through our friends at The Wow House Company.

Airbnb is another useful resource. Search by county and on the search page you will find a 'more filters' toggle. You can then input the number of bedrooms that you need and this will give you a list of properties. For our traditional scripts look for a Victorian house, if you want something more funky then we have the script for you.

Renting a private house and holding a Murder Mystery is the ultimate experience. The atmosphere is quite different to a hotel; much more intimate for your friends and family and there is a real sense of mystery in the air. What surprises are in store over the weekend? Is one of your closest family members in fact a suspect in the murder?

Ideas For 40th Or 50th Birthdays

A Murder Mystery in a private house is an ideal event for any birthday or significant celebration. Gather a group of friends and family together in a stunning country house with murder on the menu.

The weekend will be organised in such a way that the Murder Mystery is fun and engaging but doesn't entirely take over; allowing time to catch up, relax and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest.

Renting A Private House For Corporate Groups

Renting a private house is also ideal for corporate groups who want to get away and bond as a team in private surroundings. Prices are often lower for weekday hires, making private house rental a viable alternative to a hotel and much more personal.

Catering staff can be brought in to attend to every detail, but perhaps one evening your team might like to prepare a meal for themselves - team building with an end result.

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