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We occasionally arrange joiner parties where you can book 2 or even just the one ticket, or tables of ten. If you have a large group, for example a corporate event, we can create your own private experience.

London is our most popular location for our Murder Mysteries and we're in town most weeks. Our team of professional actors deliver one of our scripts over dinner, or lunch, and your group has to solve the crime; working out method, motive and murderer.

We meet for pre-dinner drinks around half an hour before you sit down to eat and the actors set the scene. Then the murder takes place, but we don't want it to ruin your evening so you go through to dine while the Police arrive.

An Inspector then turns up from Scotland Yard. He takes over the crime scene and acts as your host for the evening as you help to solve the heinous London Murder Mystery.

Solving The Murder

While you enjoy a good meal the actors will develop the plot around you. Each table has the opportunity to grill the suspects; they all have their motive if you dig deep enough.

At the end of the meal, between pudding and coffee, our detective who has been running the show will ask each table to write down their verdict. He then reads them out, some serious and always some funny, before giving out prizes.

It's all very flexible, we'll make it suit your event.

London Murder Mystery Venues

Holborn Bars Foyer Holborn Bars Murder Mystery Library Murder Mystery at The Troxy. Painter\

We have suitable venues around London to fit your budget and location preference. We have experience of many and tend to choose those with a suitable atmosphere. One of our regular haunts has a classic old galleried library that's like something out of Harry Potter and, when candlelit, can only be described as magical.

If you have the budget we recommend a three course meal as the perfect format and this will cost between £30 and £40 depending on the venue. For smaller groups you may have to pay a room hire charge for private use.

We have run some very successful events on a cocktail party format with bar snacks. We have some excellent venues for this sort of event and, oddly enough, it's rarer to run into the private room hire issue with this format.

Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS


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