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If you have a private party the New Forest is a great location for a murder mystery and we can work at any of the delightful hotels in the area. 

Burley Manor

Burley Manor was the ancestral home of the de Burley family. Parts of the Estate were probably laid out in Saxon times and must have existed before the Doomsday Book was compiled in 1086. In 1388 the Manor was ceded to the King Richard II when Sir Simon de Burley was executed in the Tower of London for alleged treason.

These historic halls and dining rooms provide the perfect backdrop to our fantastic murder mystery plots.

Rhinefield House Hotel

Rhinefield is known as the jewel in the forest because of its unique location on The Ornamental Drive in Brockenhurst. The house was designed by a Lady Munroe Walker, whose husband was a traveler and explorer. She based many of the rooms on his favourite locations, so there is a replica of the Alhambra Palace and the main hall is based on the House of Lords. In the roof there is an organ which is sadly no longer in use, but back in the day it was said that it could be heard in the village three miles away when it was played. This would be an ideal setting for any of our scripts, but particularly Clue D'Oh.

These are just two of the many very interesting locations that we can offer in the New Forest.

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