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Cluedo Murder Mystery

Clue D'Oh is our tribute to the legendary board game Cluedo. You are guests of Dr Black, a renowned reptile specialist, in his country house where he is keen to show off his latest specimen - a highly toxic Brazilian Tree Frog. Other guests include his niece Rayne Bowe, the dashing Captain Brown, Reverend Green and the mysterious Ruby Scarlett. Mrs White, Dr Black's loyal cook and housekeeper, is bustling around making sure that everyone is looked after.

Murder Most Foul!

Unfortunately Dr Black's body has been found in his study, with two knife wounds in his chest. Clues are found and you are soon delving into the murky back stories of some of these characters. All have a motive, all have a method and at least one of them is a murderer!

Clue D'Oh is set in the 1940s, giving you a chance to dress up for some of the most elegant times for England's country houses.

'We had a Cluedo Murder Mystery themed event for a team meal. Absolutely brilliant scripts and actors who included snippets of some of our team's personality traits within the witness statements. The actors were so believable and really so much fun. I really can't recommend them more highly.' - Hanna Bickham

Our Reading of The Will is similar to this event and has a smaller cast.

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