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Blue Majesty

The year is 1946 and a record breaking diamond of 1,000 carats has been unearthed in a mine in British Bechuanaland. This whopper will yield more than 100 individual diamonds, from small specimens to a flawless beauty of 100 carats which will be called Blue Majesty. The financial bonanza is beyond shareholders' wildest dreams.

One such shareholder is Clarence Wigton, Esq. Wigton is a landowner, high on breeding but low on cash. His situation could be described a perilous, he has tried to borrow money but all of his usual yes men have said no, but he does own shares in the mine that has discovered the Blue Majesty. This could not only solve his immediate problem but ensure his prosperity for the rest of his days.

A representative of the mine is on his way to verify the certificate. But take care, because there is also a renowned diamond thief around. Best to bring nothing more than costume jewellery on this occasion.

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