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Las Vegas Murder Mystery

Our Little House of Horrors launch party arrives in Vegas. This horror film crossed with 50 shades of grey and with a Bollywood soundtrack has grossed over £50 million in the UK and it is now being launched in the USA at a glittering party in Las Vegas.

Director Rod Ducer is there to promote his film, along with his glamorous wife Tricia Trove. However, he turns up with young actress and former Vegas show girl, Vicky Vicious, on his arm much to Tricia’s annoyance. Vicky is an up and coming star and ruthlessly ambitious.

A mysterious Italian American, Herbie Ravioli, is also at the party. He is the film’s major investor as he’s ‘legitimising' some casino money. However, he’s not pleased to hear that Rod is writing an autobiography and is threatening to spill the beans.

Suddenly the party is gatecrashed by a writer, Dick Shinnery, who claims that he wrote the script for the film and he has proof! He wants recognition and reward, which he needs because he’s down to his last dime.

Luckily Rod has an envelope containing a gift for each of these characters. Will these gifts pour oil on troubled waters or will they just serve to make the situation flare up?

Well, at this point Rod Ducer only has minutes left to live.

You solve the crime!

Investigating what happens next is DI Willy Catchem on secondment to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. He has clues which include revealing bank statements, illuminating love letters and incriminating diaries.

Due to budgetary cut backs the audience will be helping to solve this crime. Everyone is a potential suspect and no-one can leave Las Vegas until the investigation is complete.

By the end of dinner the DI will need each table to decide on a verdict for Method, Motive and Murderer and one table will win a prize for getting closest to the solution.

This event works very well with a casino and themed party decorations, as well as flamboyant fancy dress.

We can also theme our CSI event in a Las Vegas setting.

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