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Spy Kids Murder Mystery

Our Spy Kids Murder Mystery is ideal for a party for older children (10 plus) or younger children as part of a family group.

We have adapted our James Bond script and made it appropriate for children while still being great fun for any adults who are part of the group. We offer speaking parts for children using our Witness Statements. You send us over a profile of the child including hobbies, what they are known for and things that they would say. We then create a bespoke page which they read out which contains clues, or red herrings, in the case.

Murder Mystery party for children

This can be a party for older children or it can be part of a family gathering where children are part of the event. We have had a four year old agent who read out her part with the help of a parent. Agent XS (extra small) was actually very useful on missions because she was able to creep into baddies houses under the laser security radar device and switch it off, so 007 could get in!

We adapt the content for the age group, so it can also be appropriate for teenagers where it is important that the plot is not corny or likely to cause embarrassment.

The event includes secret messages, codes and other fun spy activities to keep everyone entertained.

We will be pleased to advise you on this event and whether it is suitable for your party, so give us a call or fill in our form.

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