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Gangsters & Molls Murder Mystery

Gangsters & Molls is one of the classic Murder Mystery themes. Plots are often set in the 1920s in the time of prohibition and it is a particularly good theme for dressing up with excellent costumes available at good prices. It is a colourful genre and you will get some wonderful photos from your event.

Our Gangsters & Molls plot can be set in the 20s or in contemporary times. Gang boss Johnny Mack is dead and his son Leftie and wife Ruby have taken over the firm. They have a plan to create a partnership with the most powerful gangs and carve up the country's crime scene, forcing smaller gangs out. They have arranged a meeting with representatives from The Cosa Nostra, The Bratva (Russian mafia) and The Sisterhood, an all women gang of nuns. The Triad have been excluded, much to their anger.

When Leftie is found dead in an alleyway the balance of power looks dangerously close to shifting away from the Mack family. Can Ruby hold the meeting together? Will the mysterious sisterhood help of hinder her efforts? Are the Triad actually in on the action after all?

Can you help DI Willy Catchem to solve the crime, and perhaps bring down some major crime syndicates at the same time?

This plot brings back the ever popular Herbie Ravioli, from Little House of Horrors, representing the Mafia.

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