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Nirvana Holidays

A Timeshare Disaster

You are attending a presentation by Nirvana Holidays, 'The Greatest Timeshare In The World'. Their latest development is in Spain on the Costa Lott.

You will meet the company's founder, Ronnie Latham. His wife Dolly has sent a bottle of Champagne as a special gift to mark the launch. Hugo Bust, the company accountant has a taste for the high life, but Ronnie wants to know how he has financed a new sports car on the salary that he pays him.

Ivor Target, the resort's sales manager, is a late arrival. His plane from Spain was delayed. The presentation begins but it is soon interrupted by an unhappy customer. She invested her savings hoping for somewhere to live but only bought two weeks. She should have read the small print and not let herself be charmed by the salesman.

As Mrs Trees is being placated by Ronnie a death occurs. One of the people in the room is a murderer!

The murderer must be apprehended and it is up to you to assist the local police to solve this dastardly crime.

Now head back in time to the Medieval Court to see our next script.

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