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The Littleton Affair

The Littleton Affair is our Murder Mystery in which you and your guests do the acting. It is an expanded version of our Reading of The Will plot and the setting is the village of Littleton in Midshire. It is a traditional village setting and the event is a party at the Manor House ..

We supply a detective, who acts as MC for the evening. We need a minimum of 5 actors and we currently have 30 characters to choose from, so it is suitable for smaller and large groups. Not every guest needs to act so, for example, you might have 100 guests and only 10 or 20 will be playing parts. You can choose only the most suitable outgoing guests and everyone else will simply enjoy the show.

You send us a profile of the chosen actors (age, interests, dress sense etc) and we will match them with the most suitable village characters. There is an aristocratic family and their staff, the village itself complete with a post mistress and a mad Scottish butcher and the local publican, his wife and their staff. There are even pub visitors who have managed to get an invitation to the party ... what can they be planning?

As well as the main murder mystery plot the characters have their own stories and, in some cases, disagreements. There are no lines to learn as our detective will advise the actors as they go. We send out character profiles in advance so that everyone can dress for the part (Ned the gardener in dinner jacket and wellies always gets a laugh).

This format is great fun and will be remembered and talked about for a long time. We are often told that people adopt their character as a persona / nickname after the event.

"The client loved it!" Manager of Sprinkell, one of the private houses that we work with.

"The way that you brought our characteristics into the parts was amazing" - 50th birthday.

"We just wanted to write to thank you for helping to make our 25th Anniversary celebrations such a funny and memorable occasion. Many people asked us how the murder mystery would work and we replied that we were not 100% sure, but James would guide us all through it; which you did with great skill, charm and wit. Everyone throughly enjoyed the murder mystery and it was great to see everyone engaging with the storyline, even the shy ones!" -25th wedding anniversary.

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