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The Littleton Affair Cast List

Littleton is a small village in Midshire. The Crumps live in the Manor House and hold an annual event for the villagers. You can choose who to be and we need at least seven characters. A suggestion for your costume is in brackets. Special parts can be created for important guests, for example birthday boys and girls and brides.

For all girl groups (for example hens) some will need to dress as men, which is a lot of fun (facial hair and comically low voices). Some of the most memorable Littleton's that we have witnessed have involved cross-dressing!

You send us a profile of those acting, including whether they are performers or more reserved, and we allocate the parts accordingly. By allocating the parts we ensure that people enjoy the experience and the detective on the night will look after everyone, so no-one will feel uncomfortable. There is something for everyone in Littleton!

Those marked with an * are essential guests.

The Manor House & Guests

Lady Margaret (evening dress)*
The wife of the murder victim. Lady Margaret has a less than aristocratic past and a fondness for gin.

The Honourable Roland Crump (dinner suit)*
Roly is Lord Crump's son by his first marriage to the film actress Sophia Sassoon. Roly likes to gamble and womanise.

Lady Emily Crump (evening dress)*
The deceased’s daughter by his first marriage. She is hoping to land a rich husband.

Oswald Crump (dinner suit)
The long lost brother of Lord Crump. Some claim that he is an impostor, but he has a birthmark as proof - albeit in a rather unfortunate place.

Prudence Bligh (evening dress)*
A guest from America, where she is a renowned dancer. Lord Crump met Prudence on a trip and invited her to stay.

Herr Berg (business suit)*
Herr Berg is a businessman who has dealings with Lord Crump. A secretive fellow.

Staff at The Manor

Sally Scrubbs (pinny)*
The maid, who is about to lose her job after being caught listening at doors.

Sherie Trifle (cook's hat)
Sherie is not a very good cook, but Lord Crump was a big fan of her traditional puddings.

Bufton (suit)*
Lord Crump's butler was devoted to his master. Aloof and shows no emotions, but resolved to find his killer.

Lowbeam (chauffeur's hat)
The chauffeur has been having an affair with Sally Scrubbs, but wants to keep it a secret so he doesn’t lose his post.

Ned Shrubbs (wellies)*
Ned loves his plants. He is not happy to have been invited but goes along with it each year.

Katie Kanter (riding gear)
Katie looks after the stables and Lord Crump's beloved racehorse, White Lightning.

The villagers

Reverend Pugh (vicar's collar)
The reverend is raising money for the church roof fund and hopes for some generosity at the party.

Miss Golightly (twin set and pearls)
Edna works tirelessly for the church, but wants to know where the church roof fund money is.

Captain Brown (army or suit)
The captain is staying at The Nag's Head. He claims to be a war hero, but little is known about him.

Ruby Charms (glamourous)
A glamorous guest at The Nag's Head. She seems to have some sort of connection to Captain Brown.

Doctor Black (suit)*
The Doctor is one of the world’s most respected experts on reptiles, in particular tree frogs.

Rayne Bowe (evening dress)
Like Lady Emily, Dr Black's niece, is on the look out for a suitor. She is fed up with playing second fiddle.

Arthur Bull (a suit or smart casual)
Arthur is a dedicated and hard working publican. He does all the work at the Nag's Head but is bullied by his wife.

Sheila Bull (brassy)
Sheila considers herself the best landlady in Midshire, but spends most of her time telling Arthur off.

Albert Canwee (business suit)*
The local solicitor who works for the Crumps. He is running a dodgy investment scheme on the side.

Annie Messages (business suit with nice shoes)
Annie is Albert’s secretary. Inclined to be a bit indiscreet with what she hears. She has a mysterious extra income which she spends of shoes and handbags.

Marjorie Primm (twin set and pearls)
Terribly nosy, and very interested in every letter and telephone call she deals with.

Penny Pushy (rain mac and trilby)
An ambitious reporter after a big story so she can move out of Littleton.

Archibald McTavish (apron, blood optional)
Can gut and prepare a pig in under 15 minutes and often wins competitions.

Helen Highwater (golf gear)
Secretary at the golf club, which won’t accept her as a member because she’s not a man.

Bruce Green (golf gear and spray tan)
Chairman of the golf club. Talks of little else.

Max Power (overalls)
Fixes all of the village cars including Lord Crump’s Rolls Royce, thanks to a back hander to Lowbeam.

Billy Balls (spiv)
No-one is quite sure how Balls earns his money. A wheeler dealer with fingers in many pies.

Special roles

We are happy to write specific roles for guests with personalised themes that suit their history with the group. Here are some examples:

The Photographer - for a group who wanted someone to be taking photos on the night. A compromising photograph came into the plot.

The Poet - This can be great fun if someone has a talent for poetry. At stages during the night The Poet can read a verse or two about characters in the plot. Often these can be naughty. It is a very British thing and has people in stitches.

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