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Christmas Murder Mystery Party

Our Murder Mysteries are always very popular at Christmas. We typically work over a dinner, with a break when your main course arrives so you can enjoy your Christmas dinner uninterrupted.

The meal usually lasts for two hours and we fit around this. Timings are flexible but usually people will meet for pre-dinner drinks at 7 p.m. in the evening or 1 p.m. if you are having a lunch. We have an opening scene at the end of this half hour period and our detective, who can act as MC of the evening, will usher people through to the meal. Approximately two hours later, after pudding, coffee is served and we will run our closing scene.

This gives you a running time of just over two hours which is the optimum time for a three course meal and entertainment. If you are having an evening event we are often followed by a disco, where a whole new batch of crimes can be committed - Murder on the dance floor!

We do not just work over meals, we can work with canapés and other formats but recommended times may vary. The best thing is to call us and chat it through.

Christmas Event Dates

The only other thing is do not leave it too late. We often get our first Christmas bookings in January, and many dates sell out quickly (Fridays are always busy). Last year we ran eight evening events in the second Friday of December, so we have some capability but do call us early if you can.

Now take a look at the script options; Dickensian, 1920s, Who Killed Father Christmas and An Office Affair. We also have ways of bringing some of your most fun team members into the show - look at Witness Statements.

Christmas Enquiry

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