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A Christmas Murder Mystery is a great theme for an event and we have various scripts for groups large and small. We can appear at a venue of your choosing or we can recommend venues in a convenient location for your group.

The Story

Hugh and Phyllis Pugh run Camberwick Toys and business, it has to be said, is going fairly well. Their Father Christmas, played by John Grubb, has been a big success and profits have risen. Their sales manager, Catherine Dibble, is working hard and handyman Barney McGrew has been helping out. So far, so good.

However, Hugh hates Phyllis and only married her because her grandfather founded the company and he needs money to fund a mid life crisis. Barney McGrew is a man with a violent past who thinks he should have got the Father Christmas job and Catherine Dibble has a drug problem and a questionable relationship with local criminal Robin Banks.

So, there it is. All is not well with the two Pughs, Barney McGrew, Catherine Dibble and one of them kills Grubb.

This is our Christmas Murder Mystery script and we always have great fun with it. Contact us to discuss your event. We have also added a new Christmas script called An Office Affair.

We have various murder mystery scripts, so if it isn't Christmas and you find yourself here, don't panic!

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