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Wild West Murder Mystery

Our Wild West Murder Mystery is set in the town of Deadstone in 1876. New Sheriff Wile E Catchem has been brought in by founding father Rooster Coltrane to clear up the lawless town. Not all residents want to see this happen. Undertaker Roscoe Nash has seen a fall in trade since the Sheriff's arrival, and saloon owner Hattie Oakley misses the trade that a good gun fight used to bring in to town. Local good for nothing Buck Jerico has a splinter stuck in his craw after Sheriff Catchem closed down his moonshine stills.

When Coltrane is found dead at his camp it seems that the Sheriff has lost his main supporter in town. Can you help him to solve the murder and bring justice, law and order back to Deadstone?

Dressing for the theme is encouraged, as is a good ole hoedown after the show.

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