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Historical Murder Mysteries

We thoroughly enjoy our historical Murder Mystery events. We have a number of scripts and we are always happy to discuss bespoke or new ideas. Many of the venues that we work at have their own unique histories and we can bring these to life in a historical theme.

We have plenty of costumes, many purchased from theatrical outlets. We do not just turn up in flimsy costumes bought online. We also put a lot of effort into our props and clues, with parchment paper and period money, for example. Typically historical mysteries have fewer paper based clues than our contemporary shows, because there were fewer written documents.

We always research the background of the time, and our actors will know such detail as who was on the throne and what significant events were on people's minds at the time.

The final detail is that there was no official police, so depending on the era the case may be being investigated by soldiers on the orders of a local Lord or event the ruling Monarch. Sometimes to will be a religious investigation on behalf of the church.

The one thing that really makes these shows is when the audience dresses up to join the fun. Then it really does become a night to remember.

Current eras include Medieval, 18th Century, 19th Century, Dickensian, 1920s and 1940s.

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