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1920s Themed Murder Mystery

The success of Downton Abbey has made this an extremely popular theme choice. It is also a wonderful era for those who want to dress up and fancy dress items and props are readily available online. We can arrange this for you but a really good strategy is to offer a prize for the best dressed and let people make as much or as little effort as they want to.

We have taken our Reading of The Will plot and taken it back to the roaring 20s. Lord Crump has passed away and his will is being read. One of the challenges in this version is that all of the financial dealings are in old money; pounds, shillings and pence. King George V was on the throne and David Lloyd George was Prime Minister. Our story is set in 1922, two years after Charles Ponzi ran his notorious dodgy investment scheme in New York and this features in the story.

Downton Abbey Murder Mystery

The back story takes guests into the upstairs, downstairs life of the English country house. There is a maid who inclined to listen at doors and, while she doesn't like to gossip, she will share what she has heard with a little encouragement. Meanwhile Bertie Canwee of the family's solicitors Canwee, Billem and Howe knows all the details of the family's complicated business affairs. There are many puzzles to solve of a personal and professional nature.

The 1920s was a time when values, laws and culture were very different to the modern age. Through this interesting story we take guest back to this more elegant yet less forgiving time, and it is all done with our usual sense of fun and plenty of interaction with the actors.

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