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Our Most Difficult Case

Our Murder Mysteries are generally designed to be fun entertainment to be enjoyed over a good meal. Occasionally a group really wants to be challenged and this is where our toughest case comes in. Often we deliver this in an afternoon session instead of over the course of a meal, because it really is better if those trying to solve it are not drinking alcohol. That can come after the case is cracked!

How Does It Work?

We have taken an existing script and added layers, built on the relationships of the suspects and brought in various red herring story lines. We use our most experienced actors, who have extensive experience of the particular acting genre of improvisation. The result is an enjoyable, highly immersive experience that will absorb your group for two or three hours.

We divide a group into teams and they see an initial opening scene which sets the scene and introduces the witnesses, some of whom will become suspects. Clues start to arrive from the crime scene and other locations. Teams must analyse these and piece them together, discarding clues that they think might be irrelevant.

The witnesses can be cross examined and then teams present their solution, giving Method, Motive and Murderer. There is a final scene and then all is revealed.

The format of this event makes it ideal for a team building activity.

"Everyone had a fantastic time. The actors were outstanding." E&Y


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