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Team building

Murder Mystery events can be used very effectively for team building. A group is divided into teams and each team attempts to solve a Murder Mystery based on evidence presented to them.

Team building & leadership

Teams can either have leaders or they can be leaderless. If the team has a leader they can choose a person or the leader can be allocated and this offers the opportunity to pick people who don't usually have the chance to lead. Leaderless teams run on a collaborative basis and they can be just as effective as a team with a leader. If you want an event to focus on team building and leadership a Murder Mystery can be a good choice.


The team must communicate effectively while solving the Murder Mystery, so the format lends itself to an event where improved communication is a desired outcome.

There are various other goals that a Murder Mystery suits; for example time management, motivation and reward. More than anything this event format is fun and, for that reason, it's ideal for social team bonding.

We often build in parts for guests, so members of your own team can play a role. This personalises the event and adds to the social bonding. There are no lines to learn because the script is on a card ... unless they really do want to live the role!

Our Virtual World event is ideal for large teams of 100 - 500.

A Murder Mystery event is natural social team bonding. The team building element does not have to be pressed, it just happens, mainly because relationships build when people have fun together.

You may be interested in The Lie Detectives, a bespoke concept that we devised for a client who wanted to explore body language in a fun way.

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how fabulous the murder mystery dinner was last night,. The actors were brilliant, the story line was excellent and everyone enjoyed it immensely. Please pass on my thanks to the actors for doing such a terrific job."  Baxalta


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