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The Lie Detectives

A crime is committed in front of your eyes and there are four suspects. You will hear a compelling presentation giving you some techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as understanding body language, micro gestures and distancing tactics. We will teach you how to know when someone is lying to you.

Interview The Suspects In A Murder Mystery

Armed with your new knowledge you will meet the four suspects and have the chance to interview them at your table. Will you spot the tells and signals and succeed in identifying the murderer?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) uses such techniques as eye movement to establish whether someone is recalling actual events or fabricating a lie. Monitoring micro gestures will enable you to identify emotions such as shame, anger and disgust. You will learn which two emotions, combined, are often a predictor of murderous intent. You will also learn about distancing language and body language, used by guilty parties to try to put a questioner off the scent.

It is estimated that a lie is told once in every ten minutes of average conversation. Imagine how useful it would be to learn how to work out who is lying to you.

The Lie Detectives Murder Mystery

This event has been designed to be run over dinner. Information is given in a fast paced and lighthearted way and the Murder Mystery is for your entertainment. Usually we will gather for pre-dinner drinks which is where the murder takes place. You then sit down for dinner and the key information is given to you in a 20 minute session before the first course. You are then ready to question the suspects.

The event wraps up before coffee is served with a thrilling final scene in which the murder is revealed. Each table's verdict is read out (which is always fun) and the winning table is chosen, given special detective status and awarded Police badges.

This event is interesting and great fun. You will also take away knowledge that could be extremely useful in your day to day life ...

This event is very versatile and it can be run over lunch or during the day as a conference activity.

The Lie Detectives makes for an absorbing corporate team building event, with the added benefit of giving some very useful skills to take away.

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