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Murder Mystery dinners

Murder Mystery dinners are the most popular format for our events. We can recommend a suitable hotel or venue or, if you have one already in mind, we can work there. All we need is private dining as our antics can be upsetting to other guests! You can have an exclusive event or you can attend one of our joiner parties.

How A Murder Mystery Dinner Works

During pre-dinner drinks there is an opening scene in which guests meet the characters in the script. The characters will all interact and each will do something that could be the Method - how the murder is done. This lasts for about 10 minutes and then you all go through to have dinner.

After 10 minutes a passing detective arrives. He takes control of the investigation and, under the Police Public Partnership Scheme (an austerity measure), enlists your help in solving the crime. He hands out the first set of clues which include contracts, letters and bank statements.

During the first course the suspects move around each table so participants can question them about what they have seen and the clues.

Gradually the jigsaw starts to come together, clues and the answers given by the suspects who are being questioned combining as the investigators work towards solving the case.

A second set of clues arrive, hot from the crime scene. Some of these make sense of the first set of clues, some may contradict theories that teams have evolved. The plot twists and turns like a bag of snakes.

Teams now have a chance to question the suspects from their tables in front of the whole room. This gives them a chance to play at being a barrister. Each table nominates their questioner and this is always a lot of fun as characters from your side join in the acting.

At the end of pudding the detective hands out Verdict Forms, so each table can nominate Method, Motive and Murderer. He will then read these out before announcing his own findings and arresting the murderer in a thrilling final scene.

The detective reads out your verdicts, which are often funny, and awards Police badges to the team who came closest. These badges give you special powers of interrogation and arrest which can be used at work.

This usually takes place during coffee around 2 hours after we start. We can reduce this time if you have other events, for example a disco.

We work around the venue’s serving staff, and we will leave you alone when you are eating so you can enjoy your food.

We have a range of scripts to suit different occasions, groups and venues.

Here is a review from Squire Patton Boggs for their corporate event; 'The murder mystery event was a thoroughly entertaining evening. James stayed in character for the whole duration and made the script humorous, weaving in details about colleagues. He got everyone engaged and involved and had the right mix of giving suggestions and letting us work through things as a team. We all really enjoyed it - thank you. Would thoroughly recommend.'

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