What are the required timings for the event?

We will work to your itinerary. We can comfortably deliver the plot in a couple of hours but this can be reduced to an hour if this is all you have. Start times are completely flexible.

Do we have to have a three course meal?

No, that is the traditional format but we have successfully worked over canapés, or even afternoon tea. It is advisable to have drinks available as this helps people to relax and get involved. We also have a half day event which does not run over a meal.

Do the actors eat with us?

No, it would be really strange for suspects in a murder case to be having dinner with you, besides you don't want strangers at your meal. We act around the meal and leave the room when your starters and main courses arrive, so you can enjoy them and discuss the case if you wish to.

What is included in the price?

There are two elements to the pricing; our fee and the venue fee. When we give a price it includes everything including prizes.

Do we need microphones?

We will need microphones when there are more than 80 people. The minimum requirement is two hand held, cordless mics. For a fully professional effect lapel mics, a mixing desk and sound engineer are ideal. We can discuss this and we have plenty of experience in this area. Any AV costs will be passed on at cost.

What is the running format?

Again this is flexible but click here to see our typical MO.

Can our guests have parts?

We include ‘Witness Statements’ at no extra charge. You send us around 20 keywords / phrases on up to five guests and we will prepare a page that they read out on the night when prompted by the Detective. This can include hobbies, words or phrases that they use and things that they are known for. There are no lines to learn and this can be a surprise for the person doing it (although we recommend you choose them carefully).

We can go further and write bespoke scripts with bigger parts for your guests. The one thing that we cannot do that we are asked about is to murder one of the guests, because if we did they would have to miss the rest of the meal, unless there was some sort of reincarnation!

Would my guests enjoy a Murder Mystery?

As in so much of life you will pretty much get out of a Murder Mystery what you put in. If you’re a bit of a grump, or ‘too cool for school’ then it’s possible that it’s not for you.

However, if you’re playful and want an enjoyable evening of entertainment then you have come to the right place. We have excellent actors, well constructed scripts and we can bring these to lovely venues.

One of the advantages of a Murder Mystery is that it would be extremely rare for someone to not enjoy it at all. Most of the time there are degrees of enjoyment, and we always aim for 100%.

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