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The Murder Mystery Team

Our team of experienced actors will entertain, enthrall and amuse you over the course of the evening.

We can assemble a number of teams to cover multiple events on any evening, but here are some of the stalwarts of our team.

James Coakes

You'll usually find James playing the detective role because that doubles as the director of the evening, making sure that everything goes to plan. On occasions when someone else is in that role James' favourite roles are Roland in The Reading Of The Will and Herbie in Little House Of Horrors.

'Roly lives in London's clubs, gambling and womanising, while Herbie is a gangster, all charm on the surface but deadly underneath. Playing different roles is great fun - for a few hours you literally step out of yourself and into a different character.'

Russell Biles

Russ looks a lot like Bob Hoskins and plays a brilliant East End villain. It's probably time we wrote that part for him!

Otherwise Russ does a very good RP (posh) voice and you'll find him playing Bertie or Oswald in The Reading Of The Will or Herbie in Little House Of Horrors. His other legendary role is Father Christmas in our seasonal Who Killed Father Christmas.

Joanne Cox

North London born Jo loves to put on a posh voice and step in to Lady Margaret's shoes in The Reading of The Will. She has an extensive wardrobe of costumes but the 1920s era are her favourite. It is the drsssing up that Jo enjoys as much as the acting. In the modern era scripts Jo likes to play a spy in our 007, A Meeting of Spies. That's a costume that involves a lot of leather!

Marcus Massey

Marcus is one of our more experienced actors who has appeared in some real films. He recently spent a month out in Norway shooting a gory horror which featured Wererabbits. Ask Marcus, he will explain.

Marcus plays Roland Crump regularly and gives the character real depth by building on the flawed Roly's relationship with his late mother; 'She was the only woman who ever understood me!' Marcus also enjoys playing Dick Shinnery, the down on his luck writer, in Little House Of Horrors.

Alexander Walker

Alex is another regular who has a very varied acting career in addition to murder mysteries. He works on stage and makes himself available as a last minute stand in which sometimes means having to learn whole scripts in a few days. He's also a medical actor, playing patients with symptoms or distressed relatives when training doctors.

In our productions Alex is pretty versatile and brings a dose of realism to his characters. In one recent production he was playing a handyman and someone told him to leave because the clients were arriving!

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