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Murder Mysteries in Country House Hotels

When many people think of murder mysteries they associate them with country houses. This is because of the golden era of mystery thanks to wonderful writers such as Agatha Christie. This era covered the 1920s through to the 1950s. The houses, lifestyles and the way people dressed seem very fitting for this genre.

Many of our mysteries take place in former country houses which now operate as hotels and these create the perfect atmosphere for such an event. Warbrook House and Hunton Park are examples of regular venues which fit the bill.

Murder Mysteries in Stately Homes

We occasionally organise events in the most impressive of all of the English houses, the Stately Home. If this is of interest then please send your details and we will put you on a priority list to receive information.

Other interesting properties

If you are reading this page then it is likely that the property in which the event is held is important. Do have a look at Minstead Lodge as this is one of our regular events in an extremely interesting building. The property itself has the wood panelled gothic feel that suits murder mysteries, and the location adds to the fun. Make your way through the New Forest on small roads through ancient woodland. It may even be misty on the night that you visit. The whole effect is like something out of a Hammer Horror film!

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