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Murder Mystery formats

Murder Over A Meal

Our professional actors act out a murder while you enjoy lunch or dinner. You choose the venue, we bring the fun including props and clue packs.

We usually meet for pre-dinner drinks where the scene is set and the murder happens. The Police will arrive and take you through to dinner where the actors will continue the script, giving you plenty of breaks to enjoy your meal.

The murder unfolds over the course of your meal, with clues given out regularly to ensure that the plot twists and turns.

The actors will visit each table so that everyone has a chance to question them as they attempt to get to the bottom of the dastardly crime.

Finally each table must guess Method, Motive and Murderer.This usually happens during the pudding course.

"I can never bring you to realise the importance of sleeves, the suggestiveness of thumbnails, or the great issues that may hang from a bootlace."
Sherlock Holmes, A Case of Identity

Other Event Formats

We can be very flexible. Sometimes people want canapes or a buffet instead of a meal. That's fine, it just means that the event lasts for about an hour and a half instead of two hours.

We have one, two, three, four and five actor formats and, for larger events of up to 400 we will bring in a larger team and more production. Our large event format is like the creation of an alternative world, complete with suspects, Police, a local reporter and newspaper and even a CSI / SOCA set up.

We also have an event that merges Murder Mystery with a Treasure Hunt and this is available in town and country. Teams head off into the local area to find and question the suspects and then meet at a location such as a pub or hotel where the crime is solved.

So, flexibility is our middle name. Actually it isn't - that would be silly ... but you get our drift.

Start with our first script, Little House Of Horrors, and make your way through them all by following the links. Alternatively give us a call, tell us what you want and we'll send you a proposal.

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