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Virtual World Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mysteries

We are now able to deliver Murder Mysteries with live actors online using Zoom technology. Find out more by clicking here.

The rest of this page is about a product called Virtual World which is not an online experience but a live event. It is an event that we were running before the current situation. Carry on reading for further information.

Our Virtual World Murder Mystery is designed for groups of 300, 400 or even 500. We create another world in which a crime takes place and the group is divided into teams who have to meet as many of the people who live in this world and investigate the crime.

Some hotels are suitable for this sort of event and we can also use venues such as nightclubs, which can be hired reasonably during the day, and old style theatres.

This format starts with a population of 7 actors and this can increase to 20 for really large groups. The initial scene is enacted in a stage area and the crime takes place. The group, divided into teams, then head off to investigate. In addition to the usual suspects there are people such as reporters, cleaners and a local busy body who may have vital information. What do they all know and can they be trusted?

Crime Scene Investigation

A crime scene is set up around the victim and our SOCA team begin their investigation. After half an hour information starts to filter through and teams can visit the forensic team and interview them.

Interviewing Suspects

Suspects are located around the area and teams visit them to interrogate them about the evidence they have found. There are love letters, threatening emails and bank statements to collect. All contain information which link the characters and their activities together.

Finally teams submit their verdict to the detective running the event. They must decide on the Method, Motive and Murderer. The detective reads out the best and worst solutions and finally reveals what actually happened in a thrilling final scene which includes a surprise!

For smaller groups take a look at our list of scripts.

Crime Scene CSI Investigators Interviewing a suspect The reporter Interview at the table

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