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Trial By Jury

Trial By Jury is a Murder Mystery format which has been designed to suit small or large groups of hundreds of people. It can take place over dinner (lasting approximately 2 hours) or it can be a stand-alone event.

How It Works

The audience sit at tables and the bench is set up at one end of the room. This consists of the Judge’s bench and a chair for the suspect and witnesses.

A Judge oversees proceedings and a Court Usher calls the court to order and summons the suspect and three witnesses in turn.

Round 1

The Suspect and Witnesses will be called in one by one and questioned by the Judge. This outlines events and creates the basis of the trial.

Round 2

The Usher will be among the tables with a microphone and will allow members of the audience to put questions to the suspect and witnesses. This is great fun and allows the characters in the audience to show off. Many would secretly love to be a Barrister!

Round 3

Each table puts in a verdict; Guilty or Not Guilty. The suspect will either walk free or go down for murder.

Venues for the Trial By Jury Murder Mystery

We can bring this event to any venue of your choosing. There are court rooms that can be hired for larger events and many pubs have suitable rooms, which are ideal for smaller events because villains were once tried in those rooms in the days when pubs were used as trial locations.

If you have a large group of between 100 and 500 then our Virtual World event may be for you.

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