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New Scripts

These are the new scripts that we will be launching at our regular venues in 2023.

The Legend of Bloodstone

The Blood Stone is the ancient site where Uther The Unfortunate was slain by Gormhuld Forkbeard at the end of a battle between English and Danish forces in the 9th Century; his body left prostate on a large stone, with his blood seeping into the soil beneath. Bloodstone Castle was built upon this site, and has seen many bloody incidents over the years. Tonight is no exception with not one but two unexplained deaths to be dealt with.

Dress: 1940s era.

Knave Of Hearts

Valentine Crush runs the successful Hungry Hearts dating and dining agency. She promises to find you the partner of your dreams while enjoying a delicious meal. Her strategy is to really get to know her clients, not just their likes and dislikes but their hopes and dreams, their fears and their fetishes. When Valentine is found dead in her offices, shot through the heart, Inspector Willy Catchem starts to wonder whether she knew too much and sets out to talk to her clients.

Dress: To impress your date.

The Mystery of Grave End

The Marjoribanks family are in London for the season and Grave End House, their country retreat, is running on a small but trusted staff. The peace is shattered when the body of a local scoundrel is found on the driveway, with one of Sir John Marjoribank’s matched shotguns beside his body. Sir John asks the police to hurry to Grave End with strict instructions to retrieve his shotgun, avert a scandal and find out who killed the poor fellow if there is time.

Dress: Victorian era.

Dastardly Deeds

Lord Dastardly has announced plans to sail his airship around the world in 79 days, determined to beat the record of his old rival Phileas Fogg. This notable feat will be achieved using a new form of fuel, Compressed Petroleum. The inventor behind this innovation, Professor Pitt, has gone missing but Dastardly will not let this detail foil his plans. Pressure, in the form of rival Peter Pigeon, means that the attempt must not be delayed. When the Professor’s body is found the attempt is delayed, but only until the murderer is found.

Dress: Steampunk and the age of adventure.

The Nativity

The cast of a new musical called The Nativity are meeting for final rehearsals with the show due to begin in just a few days. Director Russell Sprout has a challenge on his hands. He took the risk of backing his own production and he has costs to meet. Duncan Tee, the once famous actor, is playing the leading role of Joseph alongside Jan Sandwich as Mary.  The former is a washed up has been and the latter has greater things in mind and lacks interest, but the real problem is that the script is an absolute stinker. When a cast member is murdered it could be just the thing that the play needs.

Dress: Christmas play.

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