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Please note that we do not sell or licence our scripts for delivery without our own actors.

These are our current thrilling scripts. You may also be interested to read the Seven Elements of a Good Story. Our formats range from pantomime style fun to challenging real world scenarios, and we will help you to choose the right one for your group.

We are also building a library of murder mystery clues, so if you are an aspiring writer please take a look.

Featured Scripts...

The Reading of the Will

Sparks fly at the reading of Lord Crump's will. A gambling heir in debt, an alcoholic spouse and a jealous uncle fuel murderous events. A shock inheritance is followed by a murder in the explosive opening scene

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Little House of Horrors

Rod Ducer's latest movie blockbuster hits the town and it's party time. All does not run smoothly though, as Italian backer Herbie Ravioli comes to blows with script writer Dick Shinnery and leading lady Trisha Trove confronts starlet Vicki Vicious about an affair... then all hell breaks loose and that's just the first ten minutes!

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007 - A Gathering Of Spies

Spies gather in a top secret location for the prestigious 'Spy of the Year' award ceremony, including WD40 - a Russian on a 'friendly' visit. Many spies are vying for this award, and winning gives them a chance to take on the best missions in the year ahead.

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Who Killed Father Christmas?

A special Christmas murder mystery adventure! What could possibly go wrong at the Camberwick Toys annual Christmas party? Power struggles, jealousy and greed.. that's what. Meet Hugh Pugh, Barney McGrew and Cuthbert Dibble in this fun show.

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Nirvana Holidays

A double room booking, an unhappy customer and a group of opinionated holiday company reps bring mayhem to your evening. This volatile combination builds tension as an unexpected death occurs...

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We occasionally retire scripts so if you are looking for a story that is not listed on the right you may find it in our 'previous scripts' section.

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