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Murder Mystery Clues

In this section of our website we look at some of our favourite murder mystery clues and plot devices. These are from our retired scripts, so you will get an idea of the sort of clues that we use but there are no spoilers, so if you come on one of our events the game will not be given away. However, anyone who makes it this far into our website will certainly pick up an advantage in the way they will think about the case.

This is a new part of this website and work only recently started. So if you are here early it is a work in progress. Make a note to come back later when there will be more information here.

The Crime Scene

When we are dealing with a crime scene, for example in our CSI Event, suspects will be asked not to wash until after a physical examination, so as not to remove evidence, for example material under their nails. If there is more than one suspect in one location they will be separated, to stop them discussing a case.

Cross-contamination is also an issue. A detective visiting a crime scene under investigation may take in or take out forensic evidence that would impact the investigation. Often there will be one team of officers at the crime scene and another with any suspects. This is something that script writers often get wrong on TV shows.

In the context of murder mystery events guests will often ask whether the detective has been to the crime scene and the correct answer is no, because of the potential of contamination. However, he will be in contact with the team on site and can ask any questions that they need to know.

Now have a look at our evidence page.


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