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1920s Words and Phrases

Here are some wonderful old words and phrases that you are likely to hear in some of our 1920s period Murder Mysteries. This is one of the best eras for murder mysteries, it's a classic time and it is super as a dressing up theme. Items such as Flapper dresses, black tie for men, feather boas, cigarette holders, head dresses are all easy to source online. Here is a handy list of phrases for when you meet Roly in The Reading of The Will, or Johnny, Pongo and Bunty in Lord Duxbury's Party.

The bee's knees or the cat's pyjamas - simply the best.

Juice joint - drinking establishment such as The Blue Lagoon (Roly's second home).

Out on the toot - out on the town.

Giggle juice - alcohol.

Silly goose - affectionate way of calling someone foolish.

Agog - mouth open in surprise.

Blub - cry.

Bunkum or tommy rot- nonsense.

Fiddle-de-dee - also nonsense.

Flibbertygibbet - a whimsical young lady.

Glad rags - your going out clothes.


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