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We are always looking for new hotels to partner with running Murder Mystery dinners, weekends and corporate events. We have a database of interested attendees and receive enquiries every day.

We can offer the Murder Mystery itself and proactive marketing. If you have an interesting venue and can offer guests a comfortable stay with superb catering then call us, we should start working together.

The usual price of a Murder Mystery and three course dinner at a 3 or 4 star hotel is £40. It can be lower and some venues run events with buffet style catering. If you have accommodation available then one of the benefits is that many guests will also book rooms. As well as hotels we work with pubs and other venues.

In our experience the most successful hotels have their own mailing list and active social media. So if that sounds like your venue then you should add a Murder Mystery to your calendar.

Notes for Hotels & Restaurants

If you simply want to book us and run your own marketing we will provide everything from the Murder Mystery side and you provide the location and food. There are three options:

1. The Five Actor Show - £975 plus VAT

This is the event that we tend to provide to corporate clients and we can host up to 200 guests. If we have more than 80 we will need microphones and a sound system.

2. The Three Actor Show - £775 plus VAT

This event is suitable for smaller groups (30 or fewer). In cases where budget is an issue we will run it for larger groups and it will still be successful, but we need to have a chat about the differences between this and the larger show to ensure that your expectations are met.

3. The One Actor Show - from £350 plus VAT

This is a format that we are pioneering and it is very successful, particularly when the audience is a connected social group. It works very well for school PTAs and birthday parties, for example. If a pub or restaurant has a strong social culture then it is a good choice.

Our actor will run the event with four actors provided by you. Scripts will be sent in advance and the actor will arrive early and have a couple of rehearsals before the show. The actor is very experienced and will make sure that everyone has a good time.

Your Pricing

Typically £39.95 for a three course meal and the Murder Mystery is a good retail price. It doesn’t have to be a three course meal and we have run events over buffets and barbecues.

If this is of interest then contact us and we'll be in touch.

Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS


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