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The Reading of The Will

A Traditional Murder Mystery

The year is 1922 and the occasion is the reading of the will of the late Lord Crump, who suffered from acute angina and died in his sleep some weeks ago. The coroner ruled that his death was natural causes, but gossips downstairs are suggesting that he had company on that fateful night and it was not his wife. He leaves a collection of motor cars and a substantial amount of art to his beneficiaries.

Leading the mourners is his wife, Lady Margaret. She was Lord Crump's second wife after his first wife, a well known film star, was killed in a riding accident.

Also hoping to inherit are the Late Lord Crump's son Roland, a gambler with delusions of adequacy, and his younger brother Oswald, an industrialist with a big ego. He's self-made and worships his creator.

The reading of the will is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of a detective. Annie Messages, a legal secretary with Lord Crump's Solicitors Canwee, Billem & Howe, has been found dead at the company offices. Foul play is suspected!

As would be expected, the reading of the will is thrown into disarray. Guests will be called upon to help the police in finding the identity of the murderer.

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Our Most Versatile Script

This is our most versatile script and it comes in formats from two to ten actors. The standard format is with five actors, but if you have more budget we can bring in such characters as a local reporter, Ned the gardener (a hardy yet perennial favourite) and Sherrie Trifle, the cook. Her recipes are known to bring a lump to the throat. Each brings a new angle to the story.

We also have plot devices which can be brought in to make the story more complicated. This include a missing twin, a love child and a message from his Lordship from beyond the grave! We recommend that you only choose this option if you are limiting the flow of wine, however, as at full tilt this plot has more twists and turns than a snake in jelly.

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