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Go Mad In The Country

I Say! There's Been A Murder

Go Mad In The Country differs from our other scripts in that it doesn't happen over a meal. The script is a parody of The Famous Five, with inspiration from the well known Comic Strip film.

The format is best run in the countryside and works particularly well in the warmer months. We can hire mountain bikes and you can head off to investigate the crime.

Uncle Quentin is a top government scientist and you are meeting him during the holidays. Unfortunately some of his Top Secret papers have gone missing, and while you're discussing this poor old Uncle keels over and dies. You jolly well expect that it's murder,

The local police inspector arrives and you have to go off to meet suspects in various locations, collect clues and get to the bottom of the mystery. You may well stop off somewhere for a picnic because all of this investigating is jolly hard work. There will be cream buns and lashings of ginger beer, that's for sure.

This format works well as a team building event. We can meet you off the train and you can even stay over at a camp site in some locations. It's all jolly spiffing fun, that's for sure.

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