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James Bond 007 Themed Event

A Spy Themed Murder Mystery

The 00 section is meeting at a safe house for a high level conference. Agents enter the room and secure it, awaiting the arrival of M.

James Bond is away on a mission in North Korea (he was the only one who could carry off the haircut). 004 and 006 are present, as is loyal secretary Pocketmoney and a Russian agent on a 'friendly' exchange - WD40. A moment's silence is held in respect of 008, killed in action earlier this year by one of the section's many enemies.

Suddenly a detective arrives and announces that a body has been found at MI6. National security is under threat and, under the Police and Public Partnership Scheme, your help is needed to solve this crime before it becomes an issue of national security.

In addition to the murder a Top Secret document has gone missing. Are the crimes connected in any way? You will have to ascertain who breached security and carried out this act. Are you up to the mission?

This is an ideal plot for those wishing to dress up and theme a room. We can advise you on the best way to do this.

The next Murder Mystery is Sherlock Holmes, one of the ultimate themes of the genre.

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