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Out And About

Our Out And About Murder Mystery has been designed as a half day fun event which is ideal as either a social or as a team building experience. Start and finish locations are flexible, we often start at a client's offices and finish at a pub or bar. We do need a private room at the finish location as the final scene is acted out there and it has an exciting ending that is not suitable for a public location. Timing has some flexibility, two or three hours is ideal.

How it works

The initial briefing is given by a detective who needs your help in solving a crime. Suspects have been located going about their daily routines; for example a cleaner working in a pub and a businessman having his lunch in a park. Teams meet with them and they will give them clues. The teams can question them about what they know. As the teams dash around they collect clues and these come together like a jigsaw. When the teams meet at the final location they can accuse one of the suspects, or a combination of them, of murder!

Each team will also have a digital camera and the pictures that they take are always great fun. These are sent to you as a lasting souvenir of a great day.

We can work with groups of 5 to 500 with this concept. Teams often name themselves after famous detectives and dress up and this makes it into a really entertaining experience with great photos - we have had the Sherlocks, Miss Marples and even the Scooby Doos!

We can take this format and build in parts for your own people. Lean more about our bespoke scripts.

Several of our plots are available as Out & About events:

The Reading of The Will (town and country versions)
007 (spies in the city)
The Vicar's Tea Party (afternoon tea in the country)
Go Mad in The Country (mountain biking around the countryside)

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