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Murder Mysteries for large groups

Groups of up to 80 people can be managed without a sound system just using the natural projection of the actors. A large group is therefore one of more than 80 people.

We can work with groups of more than 80 people and up to 120 using a sound system. The minimum microphone requirement is one lapel mic for the detective / host and two radio mics. When we are using microphones the show is less informal, for example the suspects are interviewed using the microphone. The most important thing is that every table in the room is able to hear the detail of what is going on.

The Murder Mystery room

With large groups we need to consider the layout of the tables and the room in which the event is held. L shaped or otherwise unusually shaped rooms can present a problem. With an L shape the actors will often position themselves in the corner, treating the room as a 'V'. Pillars can also present a problem. This is simply something that needs to be looked at and planned around.

Murder Mysteries for very large groups

Once we have more than 120 people we need five lapel microphones and two cordless hand held microphones so that we can interact with the audience. These need to be on different frequencies and we need someone with a sound desk to oversee the operation. This is effective for up to 180 people and the cost of providing the sound set up is offset by the economies of running the event for such a large group.

With 120 or more in the audience we need a large stage area. Often this can be a dance floor. If you have more than 150 this needs to be a raised stage area

If we have more than 180 people we will need cameras and large screens around the room. We can change the format of the event to a Court Room drama where tables watch a case unfold and see witnesses interviewed by barristers. The tables then take on the role of jury, deciding at the end whether the accused is innocent or guilty.

Advice: Shortcuts on the provision of sound inevitably end in disaster. It is essential that we have a professional engineer on site for large events and, actually, that's not really that expensive to do.

Murder Mystery Virtual World

We developed our Virtual World event to cope with very large groups into the hundreds. Instead of going from table to table the teams (tables) will have the opportunity to visit them in locations which we create either in the room or if you have access to various rooms around these. Their locations will be a restaurant and a newspaper office, for example, and teams will meet with them and question them. This is a very successful event format and it is unique to us. Join us in our Virtual World to investigate the crime!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific event in detail.

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