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Organising a Murder Mystery at a Pub

We are often contacted by pubs who want to organise a Murder Mystery at their venue. There are several options. A five actor show will cost £1,175 plus VAT, and this is suitable for audiences of over 100. A small three actor show costs £775 plus VAT and this suits audiences of up to 50. The show is MC'd by a detective who presents the clues and makes sure that everything runs to plan.

What is the difference between three and five actors shows?

In the three actor show the two suspects who are not present are described and discussed by the other actors. If you have the budget for five actors then they are present. It is as simple as that.

The one actor show

We have a one actor show which costs £450 plus VAT. The actor plays a detective who will show the audience photos of the characters and suspects and give out clues.

The price includes travel for the team and prizes for those who crack the case.

Murder Mystery Enquiry

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