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Events at your venue

We work with various venues where they provide the location and food and we provide the Murder Mystery.

These events usually take place over a three course meal, but they are flexible so we can work with buffets or any other format. If you are a hotel and guests are staying then a disco after the event is always very well received and it makes a nice package.

Typically the event including the meal lasts for a couple of hours. If guests meet for pr-dinner drinks from 7 p.m. (to give people time to arrive) they might sit down at 7.30 p.m. and the event will be finished around coffee which will be about 9.30 / 10 p.m.


Our three actor show costs £775, four actors is £875 and 5 actors is £975. If you hold four or more events per year we will reduce our pricing by £100 per show. All prices exclude VAT. You can choose the number of actors when you have an idea of how sales are going.

We do have a one actor show where some of (not all of) the guests play the roles and if you have a particularly fun clientele this is scream. This costs £500 and you can look at The Littleton Affair here.

Our most successful events cater for around 100 people, which means that the Murder Mystery element costs around £10 per person including VAT and you can sell tickets at £40 per person. Some venues charge less and others up to £70. It comes down to your product and your local area.


Many of our venues use Groupon because of the sheer selling power they bring. This is not popular with some venues, which we understand, but it does seem to work. Some venues do this for the first year and then handle sales themselves and this helps them to build up a mailing list. Many people come back to enjoy a different script. We have more than 30 scripts now.

We will market the event on our Joiner Page and this does yield plenty of enquiries. If you give your event a couple of months' lead time this helps.

Contact us using this form and we will arrange a time for a telephone conversation so we can expand on this further.

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