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Medieval Murder Mystery

A Mystery at Court

The castle is in turmoil. Fear and trepidation are everywhere because word has arrived that the King is returning from his pilgrimage. He has sent Harold the Herald on ahead to summon his court.

What can this mean? What rumours has he heard while away?

Those summoned to attend include the King's wife, Queen Eleanor the ever ready. She has been carrying on with Lester the Jester (from Chester ) and both know that their days will be numbered should word get to the King.

Matilda of Bakewell, 'the tart with a heart' is looking forward to seeing more of the King upon his return, whilst Sir William Shortledger keeps the castle books but fears the King's audit.

When word reaches the castle that Harold has been poisoned on his journey across the channel from France the turmoil reaches new levels. Who is the murderer? But fear ye not; for a Benedictine monk, Brother Cannotfael, has arrived to clear things up before the return of The King.

The next script to look at is The Vicar's Tea Party. Pray be seated as we continue.

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