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19th Century Murder Mystery

The year is 1840 and politician Octavius Finck has ambitious plans for his country estate. This will involve the removal of several tenants, all honest hard-working folk who are none too keen on the idea. Amelia, Octavius' wife, finds county life all rather dull, and the idea of spending even more time on the mouldy old estate fills her with dread. Her idea is to turn the house into a country pleasure palace for city society to relax and plan in, with parties every night.

Giles the younger, son of local farmer Giles the older, has come to find out more about the plans. He has a new baby to look out for, Giles the younger still (named after his grandfather - Giles the very old), and he needs answers. Victorian Peeler Constable Catchem is also in attendance, and already slightly confused, investigating the murder of another local farmer. As he arrives he picks up a local girl by the shrubbery. Why was Paula Teet spying on the house from outside?

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