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18th Century Murder Mystery

The year is 1745 and Willoughby Stiles has some serious problems. His printing business is failing and he is in significant debt. His last asset is his country estate, and his reputation is on the line as he has planned a card game in the hope of saving his fortunes. His devoted wife, Constance, has no idea of the scale of his problems and she has organised a party to liven things up.

Lady Prudence Stanley is the daughter of Lord Derby, a close friend of King George II and she is raising money to fight the Jacobean rebellion. Prince Rococo has arrived from France, to promote a new and efficient printing press which may solve Stiles' problems.

Into this web of intrigue arrives the saddle sore Captain Catchem, who has ridden without break from London on the King's command to look into the death of His Majesty's close friend Lord Eversley. Can you help the Captain to solve the case? The King must have his report by noon tomorrow, so he will be back in the saddle post haste.

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