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Berkshire Murder Mystery locations include Reading, Slough, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Wokingham and Windsor. There are many excellent hotels and venues suitable for this event and we can recommend them based on our own experience or we can work at a venue of your choice. We can match themes, so our Reading Of The Will would be suited to an older, historical style building whereas The Little House Of Horrors, which is set at a film launch, would suit something more modern.

Reading Murder Mystery

Reading is one of our regular locations, perhaps because there are so many corporate clients around the town. There are various hotels to choose from, to suit the event theme and your budget. Contact us about your event and we will recommend a couple of different options to suit.

Did you know that our Murder Mysteries can include parts for your own guests. It's great fun and, particularly when they are known to other guests, it is often the highlight.

If you can get together a group of 10 people then we will start up an event on a Friday or Saturday of your choice. We open the event up to the public with your party as the first booking. Contact us for further information.

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