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Carlton Grange - Case Closed

Over the past week you have been following the clues on Twitter. Here is a summary.

Lord Thrubb's body had been found in his study. He had been poisoned with a dose of potassium cyanide, delivered in his evening drink.

The Murder Mystery Suspects:-
Lady Edith Barrington:- In the course of the investigation it emerged that Lady Edith and Lord Thrubb were separating but living together at The Grange while arrangements were made for her to move into a small house on the estate. Throughout the investigation officers noted her cool and aloof demeanour and lack of regret for her husband's death.

Bufton:- Lord Thrubb's retainer. Bufton made a statement to the Police accusing Mrs Grice of listening at Lord Thrubb's study door. He admitted that he would be leaving Lord Thrubb's employ to look after Lady Edith in her new house. Bufton explained a £25,000 deposit in his bank account as an inheritance from an aunt and this was investigated and found to be true.

Mrs Grice:- The housekeeper and cook accused of listening at Lord Thrubb's door. She claimed to be picking up investment tips but she was under investigation for the theft of items of silverware from The Grange. Rat poison found in Mrs Grice's larder was tested and found to be a different substance to the chemical that killed Lord Thrubb.

Denver Colorado:- A business partner of Lord Thrubb visiting for a meeting about a business venture that Lord Thrubb was investing in. In the course of the investigation it was discovered that Colorado had a significant holding in a chemical company that produced potassium cyanide. A rumour that Colorado Mining had made a huge gold discovery was found to be false.

Hubert Thrubb:- Lord Thrubb's nephew. Lord Thrubb has recently changed his will to make Hubert the principal beneficiary of his business interests. Investigators established that Hubert was being threatened over gambling debts of more than £100,000. He had approached his uncle and asked for a loan to cover his embarrassment. Bufton tells the Police that Lord Thrubb was severely disappointed in his nephew's gambling and was going to tell him that he was reconsidering his inheritance.

Who Killed Lord Thrubb? You decide...

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