The Mystery of Carlton Grange - The Butler's Statement

"My name is Ernest Bufton and I have been Lord Thrubb's retainer for the last 10 years. I am making a statement in connection with a specific incident which occurred in August last year.

I was in the house undertaking my usual duties when I observed, from the hallway, a shadow at Lord Thrubb's study doorway. His Lordship was in the study speaking with Denver Colorado. It was Mr Colorado's first visit to The Grange and I understand that he was visiting to discuss a business matter with Lord Thrubb.

On approaching this shadow I saw that it was our housekeeper and cook Mrs Grice. I asked her to follow me below stairs where I questioned her on what I had seen. Mrs Grice became very upset and explained that she would often listen at Lord Thrubb's door when he was having his business meetings and that she had made several modest investments on the stock market as a result of information she had heard. This was something that she claimed to enjoy and that she was hoping to supplement her small pension with the results, which had so far been promising.

I felt that Mrs Grice had been honest so decided not to report the matter to his Lordship. Susan is a good cook and goes about her duties at The Grange efficiently. I did explain that she must not continue with this habit and that if I caught her at it again I would have no alternative but to inform Lord Thrubb."

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